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Parsons Concrete Equipment Company (PCEC) is a North Carolina corporation founded in 1987. Owner David Parsons started the company in the wake of the closing of ELBA Corporation of North America, Inc. (ENA). ENA was the wholly owned US subsidiary company of ELBA-WERK GmbH, Ettlingen, Germany (ELBA).

ENA was formed in 1980, in Charlotte, NC, at which time David Parsons joined the sales force. ENA imported, assembled, sold and serviced the Scheele brand of truck mounted concrete pumps and distribution booms as well as trailer mounted concrete pumps. ENA also imported, sold and serviced ELBA concrete plants and tower cranes. Almost 400 Scheele and ELBA units were sold in the USA, Canada and Mexico from 1980 through 1987.

Prior to 1980, David Parsons was employed as North East regional sales manager by Thomsen Equipment Company, Inc., Gardena, California. Thomsen was the manufacturer of the Thomsen truck mounted concrete boom pumps and trailer pumps as well as the Tommy-Gun grout and plaster pumps. Putzmeister, Inc. acquired Thomsen in 1981-82.

In late 1986 ELBA-WERK, Germany reorganized while Scheele-Werk, ELBA's sister company and manufacturer of the concrete pumps and booms ceased operations. ELBA found it necessary to shut down the US operations in 1987. David Parsons, then Chief Operating Officer of ENA, established PCEC to take over the operations of ENA for ELBA-WERK as the exclusive agent for North America. New ELBA truck mounted concrete boom pumps and trailer pumps are available through PCEC.

In 1997, PCEC was approached by another German concrete pumps and boom manufacturer, Reich Baumaschinen GmbH. Reich is a small company that promotes a state of the art truck mounted concrete pump and boom produced in the 33 M, 37 M and 44 M sizes. In 1998, PCEC contracted with Reich to mount the Reich boom pump onto US made trucks, test the mounted product, paint to customer specifications and support the truck mounted concrete pump and boom through the warranty period.

PCEC continues to operate as an importer, producer and distributor of spare parts and accessories for the concrete pumping industry. We inventory at our Rock Hill, SC facilities the largest selection in the USA of spare parts in the industry for the ELBA and Reich products. PCEC also has available spare parts and accessories for all other brands of concrete pumps such as Putzmeister, REED, PUMPSTAR and Schwing. Since 1980 David Parsons has been the principle force behind the sales and service support for the ELBA concrete mixing and batching plants. We have a large number of these highly specialized On-Site oriented wet mix batch plants working in the US and Mexico.


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